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I don’t have my tank yet but it’s shipping this week and when I show picks to friends and family all they can do is pretend to give a poop (they don’t get it) The back will get painted dark blue. I plan on mounting 3 xr15s and two orphek blue plus light bars in the surf board and hanging them on mahogany and walnut davits That’s all I have so far


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wow that's going to look sick. I have an old board in the basement wasn't sure what to do with, I may have to borrow your idea. I was trying to figure out what all the glass cloth was for then I realized you needed to reseal where you cut very smart. Can't wait to see the final build!
Do you think the foam will yellow from the lights?
Nice looking shop!


That's funny. I just picked up a Windsurfer board which I thought would make cool light over there kitchen island. Never thought about putting it up over the tank. Looking forward to seeing what it looks like. PS the windsurfing boards in good shape so it's definitely not going to become a light.


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It may yellow but I can just paint it if it does. I may have to upgrade to a wider board in the future if I have shadowing

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Cool idea, and. Sweet tank! Glass Cages has been making some great tanks lately. They made our 1100 gallon predator tank and all
of our new frag tanks at All Things Aquatic. Your gonna love your new tank, congrats!

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