FS Breaking down...fish

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Orange shoulder tang about 6.5 in $100
Yellow tank LG $45
Gold rim tang LG $70
Pyramid butterfly lg $40
Magnificent foxface $70
2 square anthias $40 for both (1 male 1 female)
2 Lyre tail anthias $30 for both (1 male 1 female)
LG male blue star leopard wrasse 5.5 inches $70
Pink belly coris wrasse $20
Royal garama free w purchase (+$50)


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I am interested in your blue star leopard wrasse. But doing some research I understand they should only be kept in long term established reefs and wanted to get your opinion.

I have a 180 gallon but it’s only three months old and I don’t want to take on a fish that won’t thrive. They say online that they eat crustaceans as their primary food. What do you feed?

I’m actually going to be in Warwick this weekend for a party.

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Let me be one to say, surely not the only one, that it hurts to know of this breakdown. Chris is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful reefers i have ever met. Frankly, one of the guys that got me in and kept me in the hobby! While we've debated topics of reefing over the years he is never without an honest appraisal and accurate assessment of any reef topic. Always willing to share his brain and his time, and attention. While I know for sure there will be a bigger and better system in his near future, and it will be a bright future; I am, like many I'm sure, sad to see you move on bud. All the best wishes, a good friend for many many years Chris and many to come.

It goes without saying that anyone that pics up a piece from Chris's reef will surely have a healthy piece of his hard work to thrive for themselves.
So I'm interested in anthias and gold rim tang also royal gramma. I do need to know if my current fish will stress the tang though. I currently have yellow tang, purple tang, vlamingi and foxface
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