FS Calcium Reactor Dual 8” Chamber: $640.00 SUPER REEF OCTOPUS CR5000D 8" CALCIUM REACTOR


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$640 Shipped: XL Dual Canister, SUPER REEF OCTOPUS CR5000D 8" CALCIUM REACTOR

Note: Pic is from retailer site

Price Flexibility?: not really, this is a fair price as shipping alone will be very expensive and its included and the unit is like new honestly.

Not Included: Regulator, CO2 Tank, Media
Included: Everything else; well you'll need 3/8" feed and effluent tubing but c'mon now.
Age: Approx 3 Years
Condition: Excellent
Alterations: Yes, I increased the feed line from Can 1 to Can 2, to 3/8", I found this more effective at internal flow, also effluent line has been upgraded, bigger lines, better efficiency of flow

My Experience: Stable, Large, Efficient, Quiet, Reliable. I run this on a 300G Heavy SPS System, (It is rated for 700g I believe). I run this with a Masterflex Peristaltic Pump to help control rock solid effluent rate. I don't have to change media very often, which is one of the benefits of an "oversized" product. I have used Brightwell as well as ARM Media successfully. The dual chamber is a great feature as it helps evenly distribute the CO2 and technically results in a higher pH than a single canister unit may do to increased dwell time and flow turnover. The second chamber is "Bottom Up Flow" which is great for adding Magnesium media (NeoMag for eg.).

Why Selling: larger system in plans.
Any downside: like any reactor it takes some getting used to; like everyone there's likely a period where you can't purge all air, motor cavitates, etc etc... this is usually due to not feeding the system accurately or improper setup. I also found that the lids and fittings (e.g., probe holder, chamber 2 fill, etc) need attention under pressure, they are screw-on with a heavy o-ring, sometimes you think its all the way on but its not and you have to give some help with a wrench or threadtape. other than that, no complaints, well built, robust, capable.

heres specs from a retailer:
A calcium reactor is used to maintain a balanced amount of calcium and alkalinity in your reef tank. In order to use a calcium reactor, you will need a CO2 regulator, CO2 tank, pH probe/controller, small feed pump (flow rate should be set 1-2 liters per hour) and calcium reactor media.

Filtration Handling

Well Stocked Tank - Rated up to 700 gallons

Medium Stocked Tank - Rated up to 800 gallons

Light Stocked Tank - Rated up to 1000 gallons


High performance reverse flow design
Control the reactor with CO2 needle valve and the effluent valve
Auto fill bubble counter
pH probe holder
Easy to remove lid
Precision effluent control valve
Solid construction
1/4" quick connect fittings

Reactor Specifications:

Body Size: 2 Chambers - 8” Each
Foot Print: 18” x 15.5”
Total Height: 23”
Inlet Size: 1/4"
Max Feed Rate: 150 GPH
Suggested feed rate is slightly higher than a full flowing influent

Water Blaster 5000 Recirculating Pump Features:

Quiet operation
Silicone Nitride shafts and bearings to resist the build up of calcium
Power Consumption: 60 W

PM KEY, thanks.


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Darn I was just down there last night and reading this now. Maybe coming back down today but dont know the wife plans just yet.

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