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So I think this is ok to post here but if not don’t hesitate to delete mods.

I have 3 adults
1 high blue male 2.5-3 years old $180
1 regular female 1.5 years old $60
1 high translucent female 1 year and 3 months $150

92 fertile eggs, 56 are just from the reg female and the high blue male, 36 are high blue/high translucent. I am willing to sell just a egg but you will assume all the risk. $20 per egg I recommend getting two

The males cage is a custom 3’x3’x4’ $200 would ask more but it needs a new bottom
1x Female cages are 16”x16”x30” $100
1x female hand made 18”x18”x36” $100
1x baby cage 16”x16”x30” $100
1x baby cage 24”x17.5”x35” $150

1x mistking ultimate w/ seconds timer and three nozzles $220
1x superworm breeding setup with breeders and worms $40
1x small dubia colony $50
4x rack systems price is depends on which one
Flightless fruit fly cultures and tons of mix
2x 36” t5ho fixtures with uvb bulbs $60 each
1x 24” t5ho fixture with uvb bulb $40
1x 24” dual t5 fixture with uvb and plant bulb $40
5x heat lamps with heat bulbs $10 each
Misc live plants and fake plants will be free with purchase of cage

I will try to get pics of it all. I’m asking $3000 for it all or best offer pickup only in Worcester Massachusetts

High blue male

High translucent female


Regular female
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Beautiful Chams and a really great price for everything! If I had the money I would be all over this. Good luck with the sale.


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I added prices to individual items on main post. I’m also willing to trade for reef equipment. I’m looking for the following

2x mp10
Hanna phosphate, alkalinity meters
Tunze universal 3155 ato
And looking for a controller of some kind, looking for it to have ph, temp, and power bar

Please let me know what you may have and are interested in
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I'll take $350 for all 3 chameleons or $600 with their cages, lights, and plants

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