Free Cheato with grape caulerpa


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got like half a five gallon bucket of this stuff. I normally throw it away every couple weeks but I will offer it up for free. If it doesn’t have any takers by end of day Saturday then it’s getting tossed in the trash. I’m located in Pelham nh and my cell is six zero three 9665957


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I think I toasted the stuff at school. I didn’t have it on a timer and all the cheato went to mush. Next meeting I would take as much as you want to throw away! (Got the timers in this week)

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Do you have anymore? I’m in Dracut and I’m around this weekend. It would be appreciated, thanks either way


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I wonder if you could sell it to hipsters in an organic smoothie or something. Toss the 5 gallon bucket full in a blender and VIOLA!


I will want some next time I'm up in NH...thank you for offering this!
Sorry I was busy all day, I just checked my email. Do you think it is possible to do it Saturday. There's a lot of traffic tomorrow because it's Friday, and to where you live there's traffic. Do you think we can on Saturday?