Free Cichlids and a few other freshwater fish

Planning to move to a new home around June and would like to sell all of my fish and convert my 57 gallon back into a saltwater reef. 20 fish in all. 1 Blue dolphin, 2 Frontosa, 2 Venustus, 1 yellow labidochromis, 1 albino cichlid, 1 pleco, 1 red zebra, 1 ob peacock, 3 giant danios, 2 aureatus, 5 others who's name I don't know. If someone wants to take these to donate to the auction that works too. I'm on call that weekend so can't attend myself.
Where are you locate? I have extra tank can hold them. I have a extra light for saltwater too if you interest. Free too. Text me 6176533665 if you will. Thanks
Sorry someone who has already expressed interest in this. He plans to take these when his tank cycle is complete. When they officially go there I will close this thread but at the moment I have promised them to him. Thanks for the interest.

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