Citric Acid instead of vinegar for cleaning equipments


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It becomes more popular to use citric acid instead of vinegar to clean equipments.
Since citric acid comes in pure form instead of 5% solution as vinegar, it is actually cheaper.
I have been using citric acid for a whie and found it cleans faster than vinegar and it does not smell.
Here is a link to the food grade (over killed but it is only $2.64 per lb) citric acid:


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This Citric acid from Amazon at $2.64 per lb is as good as you can get in terms of quality.

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Matt W

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And the best part about food grade is that you can then also use to make some great recipes (canning, cocktails)- another name for CA is sour salt; you sometimes see it in Kosher section.

My house is a mini lab. :)

I make my nacho cheese with sodium citrate and sodium hexametaphosphate. More or less like Velveeta but I get to pick the cheese.


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Yes. Food grade is great. I just used it to clean my coffee machine, clean the kitchen sink, tea kettle, and add some acidity for cooking.

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