FS Clams for sale pick ASAP (WYSIWYG)

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So I decided to stick around until the 13th of October. I was overwhelmed trying to pack up with last minute things so finally, I’m getting to the tank.

It’s time to let go of my clams, I was hoping to save them for the trip but I can’t afford to stress them out. I took out two of my big clams from my big tank at my dads and there ready to go to a good home.

For package prices please PM I will give a reasonable discount if you buy multiple. Reasonable offers will be considered low ball offers won’t get replayed back.

This is the most important part I’m leaving tomorrow morning to California to check out my new place and I will be back on Tuesday if you can’t stop by today I can make arrangements for Tuesday, Wednesday ,Thursday and possibly Friday in the afternoon.

I’m hitting the road on Saturday to California wish me luck! I really need these to be all gone so I can finish packing up. I would prefer to have these gone today sooner rather then later. It would be a big help! I’m selling my IM 40 G tank and stand I need all the cash I can get for this trip. I will be break the tank not later then Tuesday so I can be available in the afternoon. Please inbox me if your interested.

Cultured Derasa first 6-7 in $180 each (WYSIWYG)

Side by side view of both above

Next up Cocos cultured Maxima Blue/Purple $130 each I have 3 total 2-2.5 inch big (WYSIWYG)

Last but not least 3 cultured Sqaumosa first two 3in $150 2.5in $130 2 different sizes picture are in order 3in, 3in and 2.5in (WYSIWYG)

Full view of all the clams

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