Clean up crew Group buy ?

Here’s my list:
2-fighting conch
12- nassarius snails
24- large cerith
12- turbo snail (astraea)
12-blue legged hermit(medium)
1-red mithrax crab
I was interested in some bumble bee snails but I didn’t see them on the website. Let me know if this works or doesn’t with the group order. Thank you!


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Hi all,

Thanks for bearing with me on this. The vendor is not responsive at all so only options for purchase is using the links in the Lot Prices page. I've used this site before and was happy with the outcome, but I was hoping to be able to do a "Custom" order so we choose our bulk numbers.

Since we can't, we'll have to increase/decrease some of our order counts to match the numbers offered on the site. Here are some details:

- The red cells need to match the yellow cells below, or match yellow cell below X 2.
- So we need:

23 less or 77 more Ceriths ordered
23 less or 17 more Nerites ordered
12 less or 38 more blue hermits (We can also get tiny blue hermits at $0.25 per 300 for $75, that case we need $25 more ordered but we'll have waaaay more blue hermits)

Please let me know if you would like to order less or more of whats mentioned above.




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I've tried to reduce/increase my numbers to make it closer for to the lower range for everyone else. I can still go higher if others are willing to buy more to hit the X 2 bulk order counts.
let me know if any questions!


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Think my post above was missed.

Would love to get 3 peppermint shrimp but could do all 6 to hit the bulk amount if no one else wants any.
Would love to get 1-2 emerald crabs.
Could do up to 5 nerites if it helps.

Let me know, thanks.


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@Arsalan. Round up the orders. We can put the extras in the auction for those that don’t follow the forums. I am willing to donate a bit more to cover the donation if others are. If not we can take a slight loss as a club on it through the auction


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Minor update on prices - Chart below is the final, order is already placed. See you all at the auction!

The guy finally just called me back. He said if I'm thorough and clear with the order, he'll give us what we order, and he showed me how to use the site to do it. so we're good. Everyone should be receiving what they've requested.

Becky, sorry - I did miss your order. I've placed it in the new one. Here is the final order. Placing it now!
Chris, I updated your order, if you don't need the extra, we can auction off as Tim mentioned.

Here is the final order:



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Thanks again Ars for running this. I know they under-delivered on some livestock and some did not make it. My final tally that went into my tank alive:
1 emerald crab
10 hermits
10 astreas
10 nerites

1 emerald crab was doa
and I left the 15 ceriths due to their under delivery

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