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CLEARANCE - Band new, canceled custom order Eshopps ADV-100 Sump. Sells online for $385, now only $299. Only 1 available.

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CLEARANCE - Brand new Marineland 75 gallon glass aquarium 48x18x21, non-drilled. Normally $249, now only $149!!! 1 available. We also have Eshopps Eclipse overflow in stock and can custom drill and install if you need the tank reef ready.

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CLEARANCE - Brand new, in box Reef Octopus Varios 8 DC controllable pump. Sells on Bulk Reef for $415, take it away for $349! 1 available

Max Flow: 2700 GPH
Max Head: 18 FT
Dimensions: 5.7" L x 3.75" W x 5.5" H

Efficient - Safe - Reliable
5 Flow Settings - Precise control of the pump for any application.
True Slow Startup - Easy on equipment and saves energy.
Detachable Controller - Waterproof union.
Float Switch - Creates a new standard for pump safety.
Rotatable Volute - Rotates in 90-degree intervals.
Integrated Memory - Keeps programming even during power outages.
Feed Mode - Shuts down for 15 or 60 minutes.
Submersible or External - Perfect as a return, closed loop, or reactor/filter pump.
Super Quiet Operation - Perfect for places where any noise is not tolerable.
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