FS Clownfish breeding set-up


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I have 3- 20 gallon long tanks each divided into 3 compartments. The lids are custom made as well as the stand which is all stainless steel. The sump which is currently plumbed into the basement is a 20 long. I have a Theiling roller mat, DC return pump, DC skimmer & an ATO kit. Apex Jr with probes, led strip lights. I also have 18 - 5.5 gallon tanks with lids drilled with bulkheads. As far as the pairs, here's what I have:

Black Storm pair, 2.5" female, 1.5" male
Lightning Maroon & Platinum pair, 3.5" female, 1.5" male
Black Snowflake & Bullethole pair,(egg laying) 3" female, 1.5" male
Lightning & Thunder Maroon pair, (egg laying) 3.5" female, 1.75" male
Golden Nugget pair, (egg laying) 3" female, 1.5" male
Ultra Snowflake pair, (egg laying) 3" female, 2" male
Snowflake & Mocha mix, (egg laying) 3" female, 1.5" male
Black Ocellaris & Lightning pair, 3" female, 1" male
Single 3" Black Ocellaris female.

All these pairs have been together for years. I have invested thousands over the years & I'm just looking to explore other hobbies. There are tons of other breeding items that I'll include as well. I'm hoping to sell as a whole package for $1,500.00. I will try & post some pics.

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