Clownfish spawn


I have a pair ocellaris clownfish that keep spawning recently. The eggs develop all the way and hatch, but then eaten by other fish. I don't want more clownfish, what can I do to stop them spawning?

Chris A.

Formally toomanyfish
BRS Member
Nothing but that’s not a bad thing. It’s free food for your tank and there’s about 0% chance the clown baby’s would live at all without the right food in the water column.


Feel sorry for these clownfish parents. If anyone is interested in raising clownfish, I have a piece of fake rock with eggs on it that I can give it to you.

Paul B

paul b
Nothing you can do, clownfish constantly spawn but don't worry, they won't grow up in your tank,if they did, I would have 9,873,542 of them. :p

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