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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Jim Tansey, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Jim Tansey

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    System consist of a custom (Miracles) aquarium 3 sides starphire with a black back 40"x24"x18" high with a 18" Bean type overflow. The light and cabinet are custom made furniture grade construction 1/4 sawn White Oak the system is approximately 18 months old and in perfect condition all components were purchased new with the exception of the skimmer which was a few months old. At this point livestock would be included.

    Custom light fixture- Two Kessil A360-E and two 39W T-5s.
    Sump- 29 gal drilled with 3 drains and a return.
    Skimmer- Reef Octopus Diablo DCS 200DC with a 4 inch waste collector and shut off.
    Tunze Osmolator 3155.
    BRS 1.1 ml/m doser pumps (three).
    Neptune dual reservoir DDR-200. PRICE $3,000 . Corner-Web.jpg Front-Web.jpg Door-Web.jpg Corner-Web.jpg Corner-Web.jpg Door-Web.jpg Front-Web.jpg Sump-Web.jpg Corner-Web.jpg Door-Web.jpg Front-Web.jpg Sump-Web.jpg
    Waveline DC600 return pump.
    Apex Gold control system.
    Tunze 6055 powerheads (two).
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  2. vedau

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    Nice setup and great price.
    I think this setup is worth at least 7k-8k if you add up everything.
    Good luck with the sale.
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  3. Jim Tansey

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  4. SteveDola

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    amazing system Jim...GL with sale
  5. JohnK

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    Wow Jim, I would LOVE to take this off your hands. If I can figure out the finances to do so it will happen.

    That said I'm not in a good place for money at the moment so it probably wont' happen. I've really wanted to end up with your system since I first heard about your plans to build it. I might have to try playing a few scratch tickets on the way home tonight.
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  6. jamesdong009

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    That's one gorgeous setup! I'm sure it'll make someone very happy. GLWS
  7. Jim Tansey

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