Sold Complete System For Sale Red Sea Max 175G Tank/Stand Livestock and TONS of Equipment


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Hello all....

Up for sale is a fully established Red Sea Max s650 system. I am not going to part out so please do not even place posts about parting out or if I part out etc. I want the system to go complete to whomever is taking it.
Photos to follow.
Below is a list of things the system will include but honestly theres too much to list if you purchase it you will get everything.
$4,750 this is a extremely fair price, reason it is this low is because I don't want to deal with haggling and happy to pass it along to someone who always wanted a system like this.

Red Sea Max s650 tank and cabinet (white)
Sump - Custom Lifereef Sump and refugium (full of macro and microbes) and LED reef light
Red Sea Max T5/LED Light Canopy (with spare ATI bulbs)
(Also have two LED lights that hang over the tank which you are welcome to take, I preferred T5 and made the switch but still have the lights)
2 x MaxSpect Gyre XF250 + Controllers (these are relatively new, maybe under a year old)
LifeReef Skimmer, also have a Royal Exclusiv Skimmer
Carbon/Phosphate Canisters + media
Heaters (multiple)
Chiller - Apex Titanium 1/4 HP
Scubbers/Glass Cleaner/Magnetic Cleaners/Extra Socks
Hydrofill ATO
Multiple powerheads and return pump
Liverock (tons!)
Livestock includes but not limited to tangs, yellow, hippo, powder brown, clown pair, cardinal, reef angel etc
Tons of inverts, cleaner and coral shrimp, snails etc
Neptune Controller
Precision Marine Skimmer (never even used brand new)
Test Kits
Spare pumps
Ozone Generator
Milwaukee MA887 Saltwater refractometer
Tons of media like Kalkwasser, carbon, phosphate etc etc etc
Feeders, Nets, DI Resin
RODI system NEW barely used, with Aquatec Pressure Boost Pump and two cartridges for fast, and lots of RODI
TDS meter
No spill syphon cleaning kit
Water changing station for easy water changes (2x35 gallon tanks plumbed with return pump to tank)
Salt/Foods/Operating Manuals
Other stuff....whatever I have fish tank wise you can have as I no longer need.

$4,750 to the first non-haggling person that wants a top class system.

I can not help lift the tank, I recommend a tank moving crew
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For people asking sizes the exact dimensions are on their website which you can refer to but it states

length 63” width 27.5 inch Height without lights 61”


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Was a phenomenal tank, just life going a different direction but glad someone enthusiastic is taking it and it’s gone to a good home

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