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considering re joining


He is, was aggressive about the question. However it is legitimate, and a legal one.
The attitude towards these things needs to stop.

May find some information in a form 990 request OP, which you would request from the IRS personally.
I do not feel my question was aggressive if read from my original post, but maybe as people replied with insults I was indeed upset when responding. thank you for understanding its a legitimate question.


Maybe if he actually sent a pm to the person that can answer those questions instead of making demands in a public post like a teenager that isn' getting their way, he might get the answers he is looking for.

No one is asking you for a donation Bill, so if you don't want to make one, don't. If all you want to do is start crap, get lost.


Not that I should even bother responding to you but I will, I actually want Donate my money, but as a person in business I do my research before I spend money. Starting crap? where does that come from, my question was to the treasurer in the membership forum not to you. You seem to be looking to start crap.


The money goes to help keep the site going sadly major websites aren't free and help pay for meetings where we rent a venue and have discussions and a speaker which gets the group face to face... other expenses are also paid for by the auction profits as well aresangel is more educated than i on the matter but I will post more info once I get it .. I hope this helps and I hope you become a full time member once again soon
Also I'm curious how would you like us to prove where the money goes? Post all the receipts or just a printout

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I was looking for a spreadsheet type data, not proofs by receipt ...


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We had our board meeting last weekend. Anthony said he brings the financials to each meeting. We spend our own money to help support to club not because we are required to but because it helps build the friendships in the club and our hobby.

No money gets donated to charities. Just the upkeep of the forums, meetings, speakers, and contests we run.

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