FS Coral frags


BRS Member
Hey everyone. I have a bunch of coral frag’s for sale starting at five dollars to make some room in my tank. Some pictures attached and can send more if needed.

Purple digi starting at $5 a frag
Eagle eye zoa frag $20 (10+ heads)
Rasta zoas $5 a head
Tyree rainbow zoa $5 a head
Tyree orange rainbow zoa $5 a head
Hardy digi pink with purple polyps starting at $5 a frag
Orange monti cap starting at $5 depending on the size
Utter chaos $10 a head
Sps $15 or $20 for pictured frags



BRS Member
Ya know, that’s a great question lol. I’ve picked them up along the way so I’m not entirely sure of the names. Can send you a picture of the larger one if interested

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