FS Coral, nems and fish for sale


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I’m downsizing and need to get rid of the big coral
6” Toadstool......$60
6-8” Devils Hand that drops babies once a month......$60
2 @ 3-4” RBTAs .........$30 each
Mushrooms/Ricordia with neon green eye.....$10 each 6 for $50. Some are 4” across.
More to come

Fish- All fat and healthy.

Purple Tang I had for a year, very beautiful fish......$150
Coral Beauty I had for two years... $40
Tomini Tang had for two years.... $40
Naso Tang I had for three months now. I love this guy I wish I could keep him awesome personality..... $50

I have some bubble algae but all the coral will not be on rocks so I don’t think you will have any issues.


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Thanks again! They are all in the tank. The purple tang is definitely the tank boss but they are all swimming around together.


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Yes the rock is still available. I’m away for the weekend so next week . I am so busy this time of year I won’t have time to drive to Boston I’m sorry.