FS Coral Packs with freebies UPDATED 11/21- 10:40am———-Revere 10/21/20


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Scroll from left to right to view packages, the list/prices are listed below.
http://instagr.am/p/CGY7cyFnl4B/ 1 head Dragon Soul Torch - $150 SALE

Pic 1. Walt Disney XL Frag - $100
Pic 2. Christmas Maribellis -$50
Pic 3. Ding Dang Milli XL - $100
Pic 4 middle : Laser Lemon Zoa/akin game Midas $$40
Pic 5: Green lantern- Krypto Green with Blue tips -$55;NOW $50for the colony pictured. (Grown by me over a couple of years and gather from aquacultured successful colony)

6. Christmas Maribellis, burning banana, Superman Monti, sunburst monti, John deer, death mauls, Tyree Undata, Rainbow Zoa - $150; NOW $135

7, Gatorade Zoa, Orange oxides, blow pops, red hornets, bob Marley $70

CB Valhalla Acro - $40

8. skip

9. Christmas Maribellis - $40
BigR Walt Disney$70
CB Ultimate Sunset - $70

Red/blue Goni - $50
Green/blue Goni -$35
Green/purple Goni - $30
Rainbow acan - $25-$45
AOI Zoa 2p - $40 6p $100
Pack deals available

Yellow toxic hammer
Red Goni
Loco Hammer
Frog Spawn


2 fancy blastos
Fuego Mushroom
2 polyps rainbow acan
1 rainbow ric
Purple Monster Zoa
Liam Cloves
Fruitloop zoa
Rasta Zoa

$100; NOW $90

Pm if interested
Pm if interested
Will be near boston Thursday’s at 1pm. All pack are lit!
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Previously - elmafioso52988
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Flame Tip Goni $120 per frag. Frags will be posted when ready. Taking orders with $20 deposit if interested. Ready in 2-4weeks. Old pics of mama when first acquired are below.

2 gone out of 10. Will post pics when ready or not if all taken by then. Pm with interested. No pics of frags till ready.

Sunlist Bounce a bit larger now $125
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