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  1. twolys13

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    Large 15x4- Hollywoord Chalice - attached to live rock-$60.00
    12x6- Green- Purple Rim Cap- -$40.00
    Small-4x4- Pink- Cap $30.00
    3x3- Strawberry Cake Mini Colony $70.00
    4x3- Fuego de Sol- Mini Colony $90.00
    3x3- Purple Nanna- $50.00
    2x2- Purple - Dwarf Bonsai- $30.00
    5x3- Fucia Purple-Green- BONSAI- COLONY $190.00
    3x2- Upscale- Colony $40.00
    3x2- Pearlberry $40.00
    3x2- Setosha- Colony $50.00
    5x3- Pink Bird Nest- Colony $50.00
    4x3- Cali Tort- Colony - $70.00
    4x3- Elegance- Blue Tip $50.00
    3x1- Spainbow- Small Colony $70.00
    30 Heads Duncan Colony- $60.00
    30 Heads Duncan Colony- $60.00
    9 Heads Orange Branching Hammer- $90.00
    4 Inch Purple Clam $50.00
    4x4- Purple, Green Bubble Coral $70.00
    3x3- Green Stylo $30.00
    3x1- Echinata- Aqua Blue $30.00
    3x1- Echinata- Aqua Blue $30.00
    Purple Tang- 3 inch $80.00
    YellowTang- 3 inch $30.00
    Hippo Tang 3.5 inch $40.00
    Large Adult Extreme Color- Orange Sided Wrasse $60.00
    Leopard Wrasse- EATS pelletes $70.00
    4- Fire Shrimp Large- $100.00
    3- Peppermint Shrimp $15.00
    2- Mexican Turbo Snails $20.00
    1- Purple Head Fire Fish - Large $20.00
    1- Fire Fish- Large $10.00
    Reefbreeders 48"- Photon V2- Led - 2.5 years old- $ 300.00
    Reef Octapus XP 2000 INT. Skimmer with Bubble Blaster Pump-$275.00-
    Jebao DCT 6000 Internal Pump- $60.00
    3 Jebao RW-8 Power Head- $90.00
    120 IBS-Live Rock $240.00
    90 Gallon Aqueon Reef Ready Scratched Tank with Custom 5 foot White Stand $100.00 !!!!!!

    Fish and corals will be sold FIRST.
    Whole System- Fish , Corals, LiveRock and Fish, Equipment $1,700.00
    More you buy more DISCOUNT !!!!

    Located in Salisbury Ma.
    Text or Call- 339-222-8803
  2. RogerO

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    Send you a text !
  3. MikeG

    MikeG Well-Known Member Moderator

    sent a pm on several corals
  4. Matt Kiely

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  5. Aaron W.

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    Which species of leopard wrasse is it, and male or female? Thanks!
  6. Alejandro paz

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    Where you are located?
  7. loki32687

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    He's in Salisbury according to the bottom of the post.
  8. twolys13

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    I would like to thank all Members of BRS for acknowledgment to my posting,
    I will get back to everybody.I have over 45 text messages and private messages to answer.
    Thanking You All
  9. jesse alex ethier

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    I can't believe your breaking the tank down
  10. twolys13

    twolys13 Active Member BRS Member

    I just do not have the time to Correctly dedicate to this Beautifull Hobby!

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