FS Corals


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Frag tank is stocked. Have many $5 corals including pretty much every type of birdsnest, Digi, caps. Also have nice purple tip acros for $5.
Here some of my other corals.
Red planet $10
War coral $15
Frogspawn $10
Candy Cane $5
Superman monti $15
Beatiful rainbow mushroom $20 only 1 available.
Have tons of zoas.
Blue hornets $10 a polyp
Scrambled eggs $5 a polyp
King Midas $5 a polyp
Blue eye Blondie's $5 a polyp
Fire and ice $10 frag plug full
Green dragon eye $10 frag plug full
Sunny d $5 a polyp.
Have many many others I'm not thinking of.
Green tree big piece $25
Blue cloves $5
Green clove $5
Pulsing Xenia free
GSP $5 for big chunk
I have tons of other corals that I can't think of . Come cherry pick my frag tank!

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I will be in the market soon. I just set up a Fluval evo and have a 70 rimless I am setting up as soon as I move. Going to look at a place tonight, hopefully we love it and we are in on the 1st.