FS Curren's 180G Reef Ready w/ Fish & Coral (Part Out)


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It is with a heavy heart I'm announcing my departure from the reef keeping community, hoping to be back when things are less hectic. My Wife and I have our second child on the way and are opening a salon so sadly my time will be limited. As a Fish Father, I'm hoping my Fish Children find the very best new homes. All are healthy, eating well and get along with each other. My family and I have grown very attached to these fish, please make sure you have the capacity and compatibility to provide the best care for them.

I will be posting all of my fish first and then my coral and live rock.
Once all of the live stock is gone, I will be breaking down and cleaning the equipment for sale.

If you are interested in any of the Tangs, I ask you please have at minimum a 180G tank, these are very large Tangs and need a lot of room. The Yellow and Sailfin are more dominant and the Blue Hippo and Powder Brown are more passive. They do all get a long provided they each have there own hideouts in the rock work at night and are well feed a variety of nori, brine, mysis and flakes. I usually pre-soak food in VitaChem.

My Zebra Eel is very shy, he is the biggest thing in the tank but would much rather have a hideout and only come out when its feeding time. For this guy please also have a large tank with plenty of hiding spaces. I had pieced together a 1-1/2" pvc pipe with various elbows and wyes for entrances and exits and buried it in the sand bed as a cave system and he absolutely loves it, it would be best to have something similar. The eel eats thawed table shrimp or scallops every other day.

The rest of our fish and inverts can be kept in smaller tanks, though the wrasse would be best in a 75-90G.
The clownfish is female and will be aggressive towards other clownfish, best she be kept as the only clown.
The all eat VitaChem soaked brine, mysis and flakes and the occasional nip at nori.

All fish have found new homes!

Genie the Desjardini Sailfin Tang (Large & Fat) $50 (SOLD)
Nemo the Oscelleraris Clownfish $15 (SOLD)
Charlie the Chromis $5 (SOLD)
Bulldozer the Pincushion Urchin $10 (SOLD)
Hermit Crabs - Free with purchase!! (SOLD)
Coral the Coral Beauty Dwarf Angel $30 (SOLD)
Pink/White Colored Feather Duster $15 (SOLD)
Pouty the Powder Brown Tang (Med/LG) $100 (SOLD)
Sunny the Yellow Tang (Large & Fat) $80 (SOLD)
Ruby the Ruby Head Fairy Wrasse $50 (SOLD)
Rex Jr. the Zebra Moray Eel (About 24") $100 (SOLD)
Blue the Regal Blue Hippo Tang (Large) $80 (SOLD)
Shrimp Guy the Coral Banded Shrimp $20 (SOLD)
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All coral has been sold!

Medium Live Rock w/ Green Tree $10 (SOLD)
Medium Live Rock w/ Metallic Green Spotted Mushrooms $10 (SOLD)
Medium Live Rock w/ Orange & Yellow Zoas $40 (SOLD)
Small Live Rock w/ Green Star Polyps $20 (SOLD)
Medium Live Rock w/ Anthelia $10 (SOLD)
Medium Live Rock w/ Larry Jackson Acro $40 (SOLD)
Small Live Rock w/ Elegance Coral $40 (SOLD)
Medium Live Rock w/ Pink Encrusting Gorgs $20 (SOLD)
Medium Live Rock w/ Cabbage Coral $40 (SOLD)
Large Live Rock w/ Purple Mushrooms, Blue Palys & Star Polyps $80 (SOLD)
Medium Live Rock w/ Purple Star Polyps $20 (SOLD)
Three Rock Flower Anemones $80 (SOLD)
Large Live Rock w/ Red Zoas and Blue Palys $60 (SOLD)
Large Live Rock w/ Green Metallic Mushroom & Red Planet Acro Colony $60 (SOLD)
Small Live Rock w/ Neon Green Trumpet $40 (SOLD)
Small Live Rock w/ Green Torch Coral $40 (SOLD)
Medium Live Rock w/ Pink & Green Branching Hammer $40 (SOLD)
Medium Live Rock w/ Frogspawn $20 (SOLD)
Large Live Rock w/ Kenya Tree $20 (SOLD)
Frag of Chalice Coral $10 (SOLD)
Frag of Minefield Cyphestra $10 (SOLD)
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I've had some interest in the equipment so I figured I would post it all ahead of time.
Won't be able to sell any of it until after all the livestock is sold.

180G Reef Ready Glass Tank w/ Custom Heavy Duty Wooden Stand $500 (Pending)

Reeflo Manta Ray 5040GPH Pump (2 years) $350

Reef Octopus 5000INT Protein Skimmer (1 year) $350 (SOLD)

150G Rubbermaid Stock Tank $140

3 Fixtures - Galaxyhyro 55X3W Dimmable LED Fixtures (10 months) $200 (Pending)

Ebay Chiller w/ Temp Controller $200

Finnex 800W Heater & Controller (2 years) $100

55G Brute Salt Mix & 55G RODI Storage Station w/ Little Giant Pump $200 (Pending)
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Weekend Bump.
I have some coral and fish being sold this weekend.
I'll be around Saturday and Sunday if anyone else is interested in anything.


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Where are you located exactly, is it near Burlington? I was interested in the elegance coral and the chalice frag :) Also if you had small frags of other LPS stuff i'd be pretty interested!


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I will see you this weekend! I have to move some things around in preparation tonight!

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