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Hey everyone,

Gonna be doing a tank upgrade soon and was wondering if there was anywhere local that does custom tanks?
I’m basically looking for a 180g 72x24x25 with front panel low iron glass only. Corner overflows. Looking to spend between 1,200 and 1,500. I like glass cages but 200 for shipping is a waste if there is a closer mfg. I can go larger on tank size if the price is right.
Lmk! Thanks!!



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$200 isn't that bad for shiping at all. Most custom tanks are alot more. If you want to avoid shipping Coast to Coast in in Jersey if you want to pick it up, otherwise they charge $500 to $600 to crate and ship it.

Good luck


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Yeah it’s 187 shipped to Boston then I get it from there. Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining as I know it’s a good price, just looking for something local that I can pick up and avoid the whole shipping act itself.


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You are looking at paying a whole lot extra to get that low iron front glass. Otherwise it sounds like you are describing a standard factory 180 you could order through any LFS.


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As long as the front is low iron glass. I’m building it into the wall. Can you order a standard with low iron at the LFS?


There is no good tank maker close by. The closest is Coast to Coast in New Jersey but a tank your size will be about 4K or more.
As far as mass production tank with corner overflow that you can easily order through the Petstore is Marineland and I don't think they have the option to get it with low iron front panel.


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Is there really that much difference between low iron and regular glass for reef tanks? Most reef lighting are on the blue side so low iron glass does not seem to offer much benefit.

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