Daily Poll: Feeding Your Tank Inhabitants

What types of food do you feed?

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I use Ocean Nutrition Prime Reef for the Cinnamon pitbulls and Reef Roids for Zoanthids and Mushrooms. Occasionally, I'll throw the torch a chunk of frozen blend but not too often.

Greg Hiller

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Scallops (getting expensive), clams, table shrimp (uncooked of course), mysis shrimp, sometimes some of the frozen blends. Also sheets of nori and red algae for the herbivores.
AlgaeBarn pods pods pods (Biota Mandarin clearly is unaware it is supposed to accept prepared ) Anyone speak Mandarin who could maybe clarify this misunderstanding?

Elos cyclops (fanatastic stuff!) I won in FFM auction! Seriously love this stuff! I’d have never bought it before winning it! #elos #shamelessplug !

Gobies, corals and RBTA love the Elos Cyclops once a day and gobies also enjoy Omega One mini marine pellets as a small training snack.

The pistol shrimp must be eating something in there! lol


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Frozen mysis, frozen adult brine, frozen LRS nano, spectrum pellets, omega flakes, live baby brine (hatched every 2 days), live white worms.

I am experimenting a lot with foods right now, also playing with: whole clams/oysters, American Reef High Performance Diet, nori/algae sheets

I had been feeding corals with reef roids, LPS pellets and goniopower but stopped months ago. Not noticing any growth difference +/- direct feeding.

Kelly's Reef

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Flake for tank raised clowns, phyto for coral, frozen shrimp from grocery store for corals and shrimp.Why is shrimp, fish, clams etc for humans cheaper than when you buy it as fish/coral food?


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I feed my DT and refugium every other day. 90 % of the time I use frozen. If not i do Flakes.

The approach that have worked for me as the best, is to be consistent with the amount and type of food, as well as the frequency. From time to time, once every 1-2 months I do not feed for 48 hours. But this last is not really planned.

I also stopped adding all that coral food that I was using (reef roids, etc etc) I don't even remember their names. All my corals feed from all the biological trash that is moving all around and light. I do not have any mechanical filter to stop that trash because is good for the tank. All I have is biological filtration (a lot) and the skimmer that is Setup for wet skimming.

I better stop here.


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