Sold Dwarf lion fish


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I have 3dwarf lionfish was planning on using them to cull so the fish werent just going to waste... Buuut it is not working out so well and certainly wont long term.

1 red dwarf lion it is the biggest about 3inches and color is awesome. 30

2nd is a dwarf fuzzy lionfish about 2-2.5inches light brown with greens hard to see in pics 25

3rd is the smallest mayyybe half dollar size and is typical lionfish colors 25



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Possibly interested in these for our school 100 G tank. I am converting now to warm water!
Can anything be in the tank with these?
Thank you,
Tom in Milton


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Sorry they sold last night. But they are insatiable, and will eat anything that they think will fit in there mouths. Just when you think they should be full and cannot eat anymore they certainly do lol

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