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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by fishfry, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. fishfry

    fishfry Well-Known Member BRS Member

    SWC 160 skimmer $80
    (2) Jebao TW40 barely used $80
    Nano Arctica Chiller 1/20hp $80
    Lifereef overflow box $30

    First come first serve please

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  2. Matt Kiely

    Matt Kiely Non-member

    Pm sent
  3. vedau

    vedau Non-member

    Do you want to trade for corals?

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  4. Arsalan

    Arsalan Reef Addict Officer BRS Member

    PM sent
  5. danb73

    danb73 Non-member

    Are the wave makers still available....I am definitely interested.
  6. Ba19Ma88

    Ba19Ma88 Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Sent a pm about chiller a whole ago never heard back. Is it still for sale and how far are you from Coolidge Corneru

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