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I have a bunch of equipment I'd like to get out, to fund some new projects, some are brand new and some are "classics" Haha, I'll post pictures tomorrow. PMs are best. Im located in southern nh but work in Boston and Worcester so I can meet along those routes or I can ship.

Bnib- Skimz 157 Automatic Zeolith Reactor- $240
Euroreef rs 250 skimmer (no pump)-$40
Octo pulse 4 used for a week- $240
Maxspect gyre w/ controller 330 also a week old- $200
Two little fish phosban Reactor 150- $20 sold
Rodi 4 stage also new, it's 150gpd-$120
2- 400w retrofit metal halides(vue technology), ballasts spider reflectors and SE 14k bulbs- $100
Theiling automatic roller mat- $340
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I’ll take the phosban reactor. pm me your info. I’m in Lowell.


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