FS Eshopps sump/ UV sterilizer/ overflow set up


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I am clearing out my storage unit located in raynham. I have several items to be listed starting with these.
I have not used any of this equipment in 10 years. It was all either in working condition when stored, or at least water tested back then.

1) Eshopps sump like new. I bought it in 2009 from reliable RC person. Water tested but never used by me. They used it for about 3 months. Not sure of the exact model but it seems closest to an AEO14005. I attached a search pic as well. Dimensions are approx. 17 1/2" x 16"x 10", great for smaller cabinets! Comes with 2 sponge filters, and I may have filter socks and the flex hose, not sure, either way its an awesome, high quality acrylic sump barely used.
$ 175.00

2) Current usa GAMMA UV Ultraviolet Sterilizer 1400-8 watt/ .21amps
Needs a new bulb, around 15.00 online.
I bought this in 2008 used, but never used it. I tested it back then and it was in perfect working order, have not tested it since. Dusty from storage.
WYSIWYG. $35.00

3) Overflow box complete set up. I used this overflow for a year on a 47 column with 20gl sump. It worked awesome! Never once broke siphon during operation or power outages, it ALWAYS went right back to work, no pumps needed. 1" valves etc., attached and included. Dimensions can be taken from the crappy pics (hopefully). Not sure of the exact max flow rate, but it very easily handled the 750gph pump I was using with plenty to spare. Dusty but otherwise good.
WYSIWYG $50.00

Pick up is on rt. 44 Raynham at my storage unit. Cash only


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Eshopps acrylic sump $125.00

UV sterilizer $25.00

Overflow $ 35.00


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Eshopps sump $100.00

UV $20.00

Overflow $ 30.00

Next stop craigslist
Cash is king

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