FS Everything


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Clownfish pair
Purple anemone with green tips
Yellow watchman goby
2 dual t5ho fixtures with newer ati bulbs
2 40 breeders (currently still in use)
Zoas- rasta, blue eye blonde, bam bam, tubs blue, sunny D
Purple blasto
Ironman mushroom
Tyree toadstool
Slim skimz 123 skimmer with brand new pump
BRS carbon reactor with pump
$500 firm takes all (not parting out)


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Someone needs to buy this! It's a super steal and you could never find such with an online vendor that included so much. Hope you get 2x the offer price John.

BTW - Yes, I'm interested. But, I have another build going at the moment.
I appreciate it, the clowns alone are worth $500 all day. I'm just getting out of the hobby for good or at least for a very long time.


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I haven't had time to invest in my tank, I need out of this hobby for a while... not to mention I just bought a motorcycle.

Price drop to $400 for everything, if your the kind of person who wants to part things out- I'm sure you'll easily make your$400 back.

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