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So I have been in the planning stages for an office tank. I was able to score a nice used Fluval Evo 13.5. Tank has one side painted black so I’ll be scraping that all off as I will be doing a peninsula style setup. Glass has a few scratches but when you get it for next to nothing I can live with them


For the stand I am going to be using my old current Solana stand. The stand is black right now but I am planning to paint it a blue grey color called anvil.

I was able to find an Apex lite system and plan to use that to run the system with lots of automation. Still fighting with this as I am having trouble linking it up to my account because I can not get the original owner profile out of it.

I have a Tunze Osmolator that has been sitting around for a few years. I have used these on all my tanks and love how they have built in redundancy.

For the filtration i took everything Fluval and tossed that out. I am planning to purchase an Intank media baskets for the tank. I am going to run filterpads on top then chemi pure blue. I am going to run something cheato in the second chamber

for the light I am going to go with Current Maine Orbit with the Loop controller. I may add one of their controllable dc wave makers as well. I upgraded to an AI Prime HD. I could not get the colors I was looking for out of the current USA orbit, gave it a try for 5 months and had ok colors and little to no growth. Hoping the upgrade will change that.

For the return pump I am going to use the stock one for now and see how it goes.

For my rockwork I am going to use reefcleaners rock that has been in another rank for the last 8 months. Rock doesn’t have any color yet because I never seeded the tank with coraline algae.
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Front view

Left side

Top down

Right side

Came up with this scape these at the first two rocks I pulled out of my bin. Let me know what you think


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So this build has been chugging along got pretty much all my equipment purchased and in place.

Painted the stand this weekend and I have to say the color is awesome it is called Anchor steel. Flat almost chaulk paint like finish. Ripped off the old wood top which was warped and slapped on a piece of granite. Looks great but who knew stone would be heavy.

Inside the stand I make some simple mounting boards to hold all the equipment and give it a clean tidy look. The ATO reservoir fits just barely but looks good now that it is in place.

The tank is going to get moved into my office end of this week of beginning of next week. Rock and sand will be pulled from my system which has been running since January.

Picked up a nice pair of Picasso’s for this tank and a few Zoas, mushroom, maxi mini, rock flower, and a toadstool. Tank should be all together next week and I will post up pics.


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I have the tank running but I am having an issue with my Apex. I bought it used and it was still under the previous owners account. I wiped the Apex but still can connect it to fusion. I tried to just use it for the time being but the Aled keeps randomly turning off and on outlets. So aggravated right now


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So I picked up a current USA EFlux dc powerless for the tank. I am incredibly impressed by this little pump. The size of the pump is tiny and not very intrusive in the tank. The pump is completely silent. The pump provides great flow on the tank. Right now I am using the wave function and I have a roll of wave in the tank. Corals are gently swaying in the tank. Setup was a breeze since I connected it to my Loop controller that came with the light.


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So I am thinking about getting one of the filters that clip onto my cell phone. Are they really worth it when taking pictures with the IPhone X?


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Tank is doing well. Got myself a little early Xmas present and upgraded to an AI Prime HD. I will let everything settle in and take some pictures next week. Hoping to add some more corals in the coming weeks. Added a emerald crab to help with the small amount of bubble algae that came on a frag

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