FS Extra equipment collecting dust


I am in Raynham
Hi everyone I have a bunch of used equipment laying in the basement collecting dust so figure I get them a good home :)

-4x AI hydra 26 HD black 230.00 each
-4x AI hydra 52 non HD 300.00 each
-Tuna a160 120.00
-Radion XR-30 Gen 2 asking 200.00
-Red Sea reefer 250 with custom top stand all plumbing asking 750.00
-coral box skimmer with controller 140.00
-Blueline return model 70Hd 150.00
-Blueline return model 40Hd 100.00
-SuperReef Octopus SRO-5000 int skimmer 300.00 pending
-Calcium reactor setup complete with co2 tank regulator dripper the whole nine 350.00
-Coral box doser 120.00 brand new in box WiFi model
-Jebao doser 40.00
-small chiller 200.00
-kalk reactor 2 little fishies 35.00 each
-24” stunner strip water proof 40.00
-coralbox ATO 40.00

Bunch more stuff needed to be listed after I see what else I haven’t listed

Please pm me for info or pics I will post pics when I get home

Does the jobea have the power supply?


Haha, ya I started a 65 gallon nano tank LoL
It's been like 8-10 years man!

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