Few pics from the Maui Ocean Center

this is me

I like turtles
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How do you like Maui and their aquarium. I've been their twice and as recent as a two years ago.
I find the aquarium is a little disappointing both times I went giving that the animal where they're coming from is just a stone throw away. There were tangs in a smallish tank and didn't look all that healthy.


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The aquarium was small and the fish were in tanks that were a little small for them but the corals were nicer then most other places i have been. The new whale dome was amazing and gave me a sample on what is to come for the 3d world. The Long Beach California awuarium was much more impressive in my opinion and I loved how things were divided by the part of the world. Surprisingly i really enjoyed the small Maui divers jewelry company tour and i loved hearing about the black,pink and gold deep water corals. Before this I was only aware of shallow water corals like the ones in the hobby.

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