~~ Fish shipment 7-21-15 ~~


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Got these bad boys in :)

1 x Flame Angel -- very nice size
1 x Lyretail Anthias Male (Fiji)
1 x Lyretail Anthias Female (Fiji)
5 x Banggai Cardinals
2 x Tank Raised Ultra Indo Picasso Clowns -- LARGE! These guys are a must see :)
1 x Red Mandarin -- Awesome colors!
2 x Flagtail Pink Bar Goby -- Very cute :)
1 x Blue Spotted Watchman Goby -- Large -- On Hold for pickup
1 x Yellow Watchman Goby
1 x Rainfords Goby -- Adorable little fella :) On Hold for pick-up
1 x Hi-Fin goby -- yellow head, black bars; paired up with a pistol shrimp
1 x Powder Blue Tang -- very nice size
1 x Yellow Eye Kole Tang -- cute and small
2 x Blue Hippo Tangs -- 1 sm, 1 lrg
1 x Clownhead wrasse

And I always save the best for last :D My all time favorites:

5 x Bipartitus Leopard Wrasse -- Amazing chicas! All swimming around and gulping down LTR food

We also have pods in stock in-case you'd like to add them to your tanks to help the new fish -- always encouraged if you're adding leopard wrasses or dragonettes.

And for those looking, we FINALLY got the spiny star astrea snails in as well. Yes, Astreas are good, but these spiny star ninja astreas are .. well .. ninja compared to regular astreas :D


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