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So I'm looking for some suggestions on fish I'm looking to get a couple bigger fish just not sure what to get I really want an angel but being a prominently lps tank may not be the best idea. So a little tank info it's a 150 current inhabitants a pair of clowns, 6 line wrasp, yellow tang, and 3 blue chromes. A couple cleaner shrimps.

Terry Martin

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Get a triggerfish, the xanichtys (sp?) are reef safe; i've had a red tail, blue throat and currently have a niger. They don't bully and no one bullies them and are sociable and swim about.


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Someone had a magnificent foxface rabbit fish on the forums. I have a one spot foxface and love it. Magnificent have nicer coloration.


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Hi, Jason. I've had xanichtys trigger fish for five years now and never lost a shrimp or any invert to them. They are predominantly algavores.
I have had a red tail trigger for 8 months, beautiful fish and so far no loss of any inverts, he sleeps in the same den as my fire shrimp and they can be seen on him often. I am also running an LPS tank, hammers, frogspawn and a torch with no issues yet.

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