Frag Freaks 20% Off Sale

Starting today until April 6th we are offering a 20% off sale for "in-store" appointment purchases. The sale is not applicable to shipping orders.

It is sometimes tough to show all of the coral we have in stock by using our dropbox feature (although we do the best we can to do so). By offering the 20% "in-store" appointment purchases we hope to encourage some of the members to take the trip down to see what we have and the quality and the sizing our frags. Just to add extra incentive for coming in we will be offering a free frag of blue sympodium or blue cloves (while supplies last) on purchases $30 or more.

Appointment hours are the following.

Monday - Friday 5pm to 7pm
Saturday and Sunday 11am to 6pm (With the exception of Saturday March 29th appointment hours are 11am to 3pm)

Here is a list of some of our current inventory.

- Tank Raised Golden Deresa Clams
- Aussie Branching Hammer (Neon green and purple, basic green, toxic, super green)
- Aussie Dendro
- Various Color Acans
- Varies LPS Frags
- Zoa Combo Rocks and assorted zoa frags
- Rock Flower Anemones
- Rose Bubble Tip Anenome
- Rhodactis Mushrooms
- Ricordia Mushrooms
- Carper Lobos
- Blastos
- Green Polyp Monti
- Orange Eye Pectina
- Flat Bottom Open Brains
- Cone Bottom Open Brains
- Neon Green Sinularia
- Snowflake Polyp Toadstools
- Aussie Branching Duncans
- Indo Duncans
- Candy Cane
- Birdsnest
- Purple with Yellow Polyp Turbina
- Clove Polyps
- Plus a few other hidden gems you will need to come in and see
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Sunday September 22, 2019
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