Frag Freaks New Inventory 3.11.14

Hey everyone we received in some new inventory last week. Here is a short list of what came in with some pricing information. For more detailed information and pictures please contact us either on the forum or via email.

3.5" to 4" Tank Raised Golden Derasa Clams (2) - $65 each
Aussie Branching Duncans - $10 per polyp (various sized frags available)
Indo Orange Fungia (silver dollar size) - $30
Indo Red Open Flat Bottom Trachy (medium) - $40
Indo Metallic Flat Bottom Trachy (medium) - $50
Indo Orange Rhodactis Mushrooms - $12 per mushroom
Ultra Neon Green Clove Polyps - $8 per polyp (mostly 2 polyp frags)
Fiji Red Trachy (small) - $30
Rose Bubble Tip Anemones - 2 @ $65 each
Green Multi-color Rock Flower Anemones - 4 @ $30 each
Aussie Branching Toxic Hammer - $45 for a 2 head frag (Size 2 head frags available)
Aussie Branching Super Green Hammer - $45 per head (Four 1 head frags available)
Aussie Orange Dendro - $10 per polyp (various size frags available)
Aussie Basic Green/Blue Branching Hammer - $12 per head (Three 1 head frags available)

Also please check out our dropbox for other corals that we current have. We also have some other inventory available that is not posted on the dropbox. We have reduced a lot of our pricing for some of our older inventory.

Also as a reminder for using dropbox. To see the name of the coral and the pricing click directly on the picture.


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