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I have recently purchased from Frag Freaks and I must say that I am very happy with the transactions.

I purchased a Reef Breeders Superlux for my macro/seahorse tank and the transaction went very smoothly. I asked a few questions through e-mail and they were answered very quickly by Rob & Dennis. The light I wanted was out of stock, so they ordered me one and had it shipped to my house for free. The LED lamp is perfect for my needs and I am quite happy with it.

Since the first transaction went so well.....I decided to place another order.
Frag Freaks posted on BRS about making your own zoas frag pack from a new shipment of Japanese zoas. They offered a nice deal with a certain amount off for X amount you spend, so I jumped on it.
One of the zoa types I wanted was already sold out, so they gave me a deal on a different zoa, which I really appreciated.
The zoas arrived in excellent condition........truly beautiful specimens.
I ordered a few other pieces as well......including two heads of a teal hammer. Frag Freaks sent me a three header, unfortunately we did lose the extra head during shipping (and the chalice took the shipping hard too) was a very cold day.
I emailed Rob & Dennis and the situation was handled very excellent way to do business.

At the end of the process, I was very happy.
I highly recommend Frag Freaks

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