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I have a few frags on my frag rack for sale and will frag anything in my tank if you see anything you like. $20-40 each frag. Hard to get individual photos at the moment so just ask which one and I will give you the exact price.

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Your welcome. I’ll contact you when I’m ready for more corals. I added some in the past few weeks and I need to figure out what I’m going to use for a pump for my soon to be make shift di into nitrate and phosphate reactor.
Bump. Any frags on the rack $10 each. And will frag up something you like in the tank for $20 each frag.

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My reefbreeders LED? I found it on eBay. I think I just searched aquarium light hanger or something. Was about $35, comes as a pair, and works great but had to trim the feet to fit my tank. Overflow was in the way.

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