Free Free Oceanic 72 gallon bow-front tank!


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I have Oceanic 72 gallon RR tank and stand. It was up and successful for over a decade. It comes with a Eheim 1260 main pump, Mover MX2600 powerhead, heater. There is a custom built LED lightning system that has 50/50
white/royal blue 3 watt LEDS. The tank was going to my nephew but was too big for him, as a result it is completely clean out
and the plumbing/bulkheads are new. There is 2 pieces of starboard custom cut to the bottom to place under rocks. The tank has never leaked but is given away as-is. My only request is that who every comes to take it have at least 2 (masked) people capable of lifting the tank themselves as I have been told not to lift heavy things. I just want it to go to a good home! Send me a message if interested or have questions?


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