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Discussion in 'Free stuff' started by kquang, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. kquang

    kquang Non-member

    I have a couple things that will be up for grabs.

    1. Deep Blue 57 gallon Reef ready tank. There is a stand with a 20 gallon sump I built available too, but the stand is in rough shape.

    3. There is about 50 pounds of live rock. There are some Xenia, and blue cloves on them. There are some mojano anemones as well.

    2. 150 watt metal halide fixture — I’m not sure if this works as I haven’t used it in years and I do not have a bulb to test it

    I’m shutting down today so it should be ready for pick up anytime this week

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  2. somethingsfishie

    somethingsfishie Non-member

    Messaging you now
  3. JR2017

    JR2017 Non-member

    Is the tank still available
  4. Reeferon

    Reeferon Non-member

    I'll take it if it's available!
  5. kquang

    kquang Non-member

    Everything is pending pick up. I’ll update if it falls through

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  6. Collin

    Collin Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Let me know if it falls through I would love some stuff
  7. gzr918

    gzr918 Well-Known Member BRS Member

    Very nice of you to offer everything up! I'm sure someone will be very happy with this
  8. Mike Stay

    Mike Stay Non-member

    Anything still available?

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