FS FS Aquarium Chiller, LED light, Pumps, Controller, and all equipment.


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Everything works well and if you search my name you should find more pictures, but I am happy to send more. Lots of stuff not listed as well. Selling separate or asking $500 for everything.


Jebeo RW-20 $40
Jebeo RW-15 $25
Jebeo WP-40x Two for $20

Reefbreeder budget LED $50 (I have two, one has a few extra red that I used on my display refugium but still has lots of blue) Both work well and grew corals well in on my tank!

Avast Marine Protein skimmer $75

Reef Angel Plus controller with expansion and wifi $125

JBJ Arctica Chiller 1/5 HP $325 (Works perfectly, has only seen light use. Sells for over $750 new)


10 gallon tanks x2
20L square water container
Lots of other stuff

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Price reduced to $800. That includes everything (chiller, reef angel plus, steel stand, RB Photon V2 LED, plus lots of other stuff). Will consider part out in a week or two if no one wants everything as a package.


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OK, thanks. I will let you know if I part out. Likely will keep everything together for another week and then start selling everything separtate once I break it down. I just have a couple of corals incrusted on the overflow and walls that I hate to kill that I will have to do if I break things down and sell separate.


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Forgot a few other items...
27g Plastic water/storage container (used to make my water changes)
Reefcrystals (50g bag)
Almost full 11lb container of Red Sea ABC+
refugium light
Cobalt MJ-1200