FS Giesemann Spectra


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I have a 72 inch Spectra with 3 radium 20k and 2 blue plus and 2 purple t5. I love the light but having a canopy just isn't working so I'm thinking of going back to LEDs. I've used it for maybe 4 months. Comes with luxcore 400watt selectable ballasts and the hanging kit.

Asking $1300 or 1500 with led strip

Also since I'd be going back to LEDs I have a reefbrite 6ft actinic tech led strip that was used for 3 weeks if that.

Text if interested and for pictures .
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light was bought in April and was set up in May.
72 inch spectra - $1499
3- Luxcore selectable ballasts - $450
3- Radium 20k bulbs - $240
2- ATI 80w blue plus - $48
2- ATI 80w true actinic - $48

Those are the prices for when I bought it. So no I will not sell the light for "$800" or "what is the lowest possible offer you will take"