Free Giving it away? Donate it to the club Auction!


Tim- 2019 BRS President
BRS Member
Hi Everyone!

It is that time of year again where we are starting to collect donations for the Auction. We picked up a generous donation from Manny yesterday and wanted to cast a wider net.

Have something that you want to give away? Want to help support the club? Donate it to the 2019 BRS Auction. The Auction is March 10th and we are looking for donations to help fill the seats in the bidders galley! If you have a piece of equipment, or coral that you want to move out of your tank and "need it gone" We can help!

Message @Arsalan or e-mail him to donate goods. Send a picture or description and if you can't make it to the auction we can arrange for pick up.

Thank you for supporting the club and Happy Reefing!

BRS President 2019
I’m moving and I want to donate almost everything. If you or someone else could contact me and come get my 55 gallon tank and stand at the very least that would be appreciated. It holds water fine even though it looks a bit old, and the stand is solid medium colored oak. I also don’t want the sump. I think I might take the rocks and light with me unless someone wants to buy them off me. I also might have some salt and chemicals laying around. Let me know soon! Please call or text me.
-Natasha Miller
(360) 609-1692
Oh I actually was a member for years also, I thought I might mention that :) just haven’t renewed recently, but I’d still love to donate to you guys since I got a lot of my stuff from that auction to begin with! -Natasha
Hi Tim,

I know the auction is over- cause I went to it- it was AWESOME! I picked up the Oceanus RO/DI at the auction, and then was lucky to win one from the CT FFM raffle, so I actually don't need it. I'd like to donate it back to the club. I live in Clinton and work in Littleton. I can either bring it to you and you can store it til the next auction (a while I'm sure) or you can sell it or give it away, I just don't need it and want to pass it along to someone that would like to have it, through the club.

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