Sold green cristata, hammer, starburst monti, rastas, WWC spellbinders


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Rasta mini colony- $35
6 head hammer frag-$50
3 head hammer frag -$25
Euphyllia cristata (aka micro torch & crazy grower) -$30 for the head
Sunburst monti frags-$5 ( 1 pending)
Wwc spellbinders-$20 per polyp cut to order

All photos taken with iPhone 10x no orange filter with reefbreeders photon v2 lights. Exact colors in photoas Real life!

Pickup from concord MA to Plaistow NH anywhere off 495 after 4pm.

Thank you.
~Pass the torch


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Bump :cool: adjusted the prices! Need to frag more coral growing into each other In the display but have no space for it lol

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