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I didn’t read everything but had a similar problem with my 180 and a 500w and a 300w. Probe was also in the sump before the heaters. Ran a secondary prob in the overflow of the display and had my heaters set based off that probe. My tank now doesn’t move more than .3 degrees in 24hrs.

Also, have them set to 80 and on relay switches. Apex does all the controlling. The controller on the heater is just backup, but that’s common practice.


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The temp stayed 5 points higher last night. Never went below 78.3 all night better than the 73.0 I was at. Now to replace the other heater.
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So its official new heaters suck. Got another heater Ebo jag 200 watt . Its less than the 300 I had in the tank . Tank did not go below 78.9 all night


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Funny you asked . 300 watt fulvel said it was pulling 1.5 watts the new Ebo is 1 watt . I could hold the 300 fluvel in the water with no issues. The ebo is warm to mild hot and is less watts.


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Are you mixing two magnetic halide ballasts with one electronic ballast?

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OK, so in the screenshot you sent your heaters are off. Think about it. If your heaters are 300w and 200w you'd expect to see something in that ballpark when they're on. 1w or 1.5w is not enough to heat even a 10g. Your phone charger draws more than that these days. Also this is not your 8pm-8am usage. What would be informative is historical usage of your old heaters, during the entire night, not when your lights are on. Apex experts can chime in on how to do that.

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