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come on everyone I see on or FB page, posts people wanting more interactions as a club. We need more than 6 people to show up to continue to make these zoom presentations successful. this is not like a you tube live stream, you can actually interact and ask questions to these guests. Let’s break a zoom meeting club meeting record. I mean come on you don’t even have to leave your living room LOL! I figure we have 50-90 members minimum we hope to see at least 30 people on this one. I have seen many fish disease questions in the forum lately why not get these answered by someone with real experience / data. Hope to see you all there. Happy Reefing!!


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Don't we all but considering Covid, it'll be what we're using for the foreseeable future.
I know, boy do I ever, but I think my mention of that was a hint, albeit in very few words, of why participation might be low. Honestly, the virtual social thing bums people out sometimes. I am sure there are many that prefer it too. There is good in it, and I am happy it is being done. Thanks to all who arranged it!


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literally bums are out - Zoom meetings


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literally bums are out - Zoom meetings
Oh I know mine will be. Just wait.


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I'll be on! I guess the kids are going to have to go to bed early haha. Humblefish helped me solve a few of my fish sickness issues with help on his forums over the past year or so.

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