Id help

New corals from a friend who is shutting tank down. I need info so I can look up to determine the predatory nature of the coral and its feeding requirements.

The first one appears brown and appears to have an eye. It could be brown because of the prior tanks high nutrient load. I saw many small hairs projected from the surface. They were very fine. They could be very small sweepers and/or feeding tentacles. As to the growth, I cannot tell whether it is growing over something that died, or it is dying off. I am thinking it is a favia or brain.
Miller 01.jpg
Miller 02.jpg

The second one is puffy and round. It is has 2 bright green lobes. This is not encrusted on anything and seemed to form its own structure like a frogspawn. The tentacles in the middle look hungry.


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I agree with reefinit

Funny you said lobed. The scientific name is lobophelia (spelling is wrong I think)

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