Inexpensive Refuge light


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Looking for options on a light for a fug area 12"x12"x7". Just plan on using to grow chaeto or alike. Trying to do it as cheap as I can so any help would be great. This is my first attempt at using a sump/refug.



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A fluval Marine nano worked for me awhile back.

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I've not looked into the above options, but I picked up some really cheap LED lamps from the hardware store that if I still had a refugium I'd give them a try. They seem to be growing my seedlings for my garden okay.


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Its model number Fluval A3970 Picked up this unit today from dz6t. very happy with it and the sick frags at ridiculous prices. His stuff is a must see and must buy!!! He has stuff for every budget and every taste. You will not get this quality, variety, or pricing anywhere else.


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