In January of 2014 I bought a pair of Kessil a360w fixtures. I can't tell you enough how happy I have been with them. The colors and flexibility have made my system a true show piece.

On Friday when I returned home from work I noticed my lights were not working. After a bit of trouble shooting there was nothing I could do. So I called Kessil.

After a simple check of the serial numbers, they were already overnighting me two replacements free of charge. Not only were they sending me replacements. They were sending me the new 2015 upgraded fixtures. Huge score. I could not be happier either.

I wrote this for one reason. Lots of us buy the knock off products to save a few bucks.

If I had done so, I would have been lots of money.

When purchasing your lights.... Rethink the few hundred bucks the Chinese knockoff is saving you.

Think about the future and what if.

Thank you Kessil!!!!
I know this is an old thread, maybe you're still around...what do you think of the Kessils? How big is your tank? I'm thinking about going 180 bow, and I know i'll have to get three, but they seem amazing...

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