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Lab-grade dosing or top-off pumps - $60 each, complete

I have several lab-grade fixed-speed peristaltic (big word, just means the liquid is pumped by forcing it through a piece of flexible tubing) pumps available. These are all used, but in very good condition. I will supply all parts (including tubing). No instructions manuals, but you don’t need one, these are simple pumps. If you are super type A, a manual is here:

https://pim-resources.coleparmer.com/instruction-manual/07540-xx07542-xx.pdf .

These are all high-quality lab-grade pumps. Equivalent new pumps from Cole-Parmer with the appropriate heads and tubing would set you back several hundred $. These pumps are quiet, but not silent. These pumps are self-priming. They can pull water up several floors and then pump it up several more. I use them in my basement to pump from water barrels up to the sumps of my tank. With small diameter tubing these can also be used for dosing, particularly if you use a timer, or controller of some sort to turn the pump on and off. No calibration is required, flow rates are extremely consistent and dependent only on the diameter of the tubing and the RPM of the pump. Again HIGH QUALITY made in the USA, not imported crap, not made-for-the-fish-hobby breaks-in-five-days garbage either. The tubing has a fairly thick wall, the pump heads are steel and polycarbonate, and the motors are powerful, of strong construction and can really be relied upon (I’ve been running some of these for 10+ years a few hours a day)

Here’s what the pump drives look like (most of mine do not have the on/off switch like this one, but are otherwise basically equivalent):


Here’s what the heads look like (in this link is size 13, the smallest, but there are many other sizes that will therefore pump a lot faster):


I have five different RPM speed drives, 1, 2, 6, 12, and 20 RPM (rotations per minute), and several different tubing size pump heads. In combination (head with the drive) these pumps will deliver between 0.06 milliliters per minute to as much as 56 milliliters per minute (that’s 0.02 – 21.3 gallons per day) when on. They do not have on-off switches. You plug them in, they start turning. They are best operated with a timer or ideally if you are using for top off, with a timer and a level controller (I've always liked the Tsunami AT-1 level controllers for this, $65 on Amazon, or Champion Lighting & Supply). If you are using the pump for top off I recommend you get one that will pump the required amount of topoff in maybe 6 hours, that way it only operates ¼ of the day (preferably at night).

I will supply the pumps with the flexible tubing they need to operate. The tubing I supply is used, but only with sugar solutions and has been rinsed clean. One length of the tubing I supply will last on the order of 3-6 months if operated continuously, 24-7. If used on and off (as most would) it should be good for years. I will supply 4-5 additional pieces of the tubing with each pump, enough for many years!

The tubing is flexible and is highly inert. Can be used with mild acids, mild bases, trace element solutions, two-part calcium and alkalinity dosing (need separate pump head for each, but the same drive can pump them together even at different ratios if you want), calcium hydroxide water (limewater, aka Kalkwasser), fresh water, salt water, air, etc.

Pickup is in Wakefield, MA or I can ship. $15 extra to ship for the hassle it involves. I personally guarantee these pumps for three months. You can return to me for all money back in that time frame or if I have another one you can swap it out. All your choice. After three months, I'll try to help you if you have a problem, but I cannot promise to fix the problem.

Payment by Paypal or cash (or maybe even trade for some super cool coral). $60 for single head, $80 for dual head (pump two fluids at once). And no, for that $ I’m not making much on these. They are great pumps and I would just like to see them in the hands of hobbyists as I think they are much better than what’s out there.

PM me if you are interested, and let me know which speed you want or just how much you want to flow, how fast (X gallons/day, or my top off per day is X gallons).

Here’s a photo to show the approximate size.


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