FS Large Fish tank and Filter System for sell

It's been since 2013 we moved into a new house and I don't have time to restart my Freshwater Tank it will be some time later that I will get around finishing my basement and just getting over a bad injury to my leg for the second time so if you buy you will have to bring extra hands to carry out.
I have is a Oceanic Tank 60x18x24 scratches on the front but not to noticeable when fill with water ,some wood for freshwater , the tank was drilled on the right side with 3/4 and 1/2 inch but had them covered and never leak need to bring some wood to keep the tank up for transport.
The glass canopy panel has one panel broken due to wife rearranging the basement with out my supervision {Has been replace with a new glass pannel needs a handel }
3 ballasts with 6 t5 HO's 54w , 6 lamps 6500k's sill good .
Light Oak Stand and Canopy
Also underneath the cabinet witch sits a good 36 inch high inside.
Will not separate the above and have plenty of other equipment to sell later this year when I start doing some cleaning my self now that I'm able to walk.The tank has been sitting in the basement since so it's been collecting dust.
So for the above I'm asking $275.00 Firm
my email is bote110@yahoo.com as for I don't always check this site or leave a message on phone 1-774-849-5693 to set up a day to look at , I don't work so I'm home every day. Needs a good cleaning.
4 Edward G. Pina Lane , East Freetown MA. 02717 DSC_0068.JPG DSC_0036.JPG
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InLand Seas Nu-Clear Filter 533 with two 25 micron Mechanical & Carbon Filter , Nu-Clear 547 Biological Filter with 1” Bio Balls Both Filters will take 3/4in and 1in intake/out {have 2x 1in Inland Seas Intake screens and might have some Loc-Line return} And for the Pump I have BlueLine 55 HD pump with 1" MPT in/out / Max Total Head 28ft / 1100 gph / only use in Freshwater / complete system only / Pick Up / Asking $150. bote110@yahoo.com


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So sorry for being so late on updates , Wife clam the Tank for her turtles so it's no longer on the market . Still have the Nu-Clear filter system with pump for $150.

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